Benjamin Russell's muse has been like an elephant in the room. Touch the front left leg, it's a folk song, the trunk and it's a punk pop song, the right ear and it's avant electronic dance. What's a critic to do? Which bin do we file this in?

To make life easier for those less universal in their tastes, Russell has chosen to focus the laser of his creativity through a 3-faceted prism. Under his own name, he recently released a new CD called SUNDOG. It includes a new version of MIRACLE (Miracle of Love), his hit song from the 80's. "FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND", the first song from his all acoustic folk style project, RIVER OF STONE has been released in advance of an EP which is on the horizon.

Benjamin Russell's electro dance project, GURU GROAN, lifted off with the release of a new sampled synthetic version of one of the oldest songs in the book. HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN is over 400 years old.

Then GURU GROAN released a song about shoes. But not just any shoes! "Black top, white bottom - that's the way I like 'em, that's the way I got 'em."

Now GURU GROAN's first EP has been released: "BUY THE BOMB".

The video features vocals by Benjamin Russell and dirty tenor sax by Norm Rosen.


Originally about a girl prostitute, over the years the song has transmogrified into the story of a boy gone wrong. The GURU GROAN version morphs the familiar 6/8 time into a 4 on the floor, 130 bpm uptempo house (pun?) track that grabs you and won't let go until the final drop.

The video features DJ Grand, Carlos Avila, Sheldon Lewis, and a unique vocal performance by Benjamin Russell with cameo appearances by Catia Canestrari, Nunzia Catena, Andre Daigle, Martine Lapointe and Myriam Porrazzo.